About Us

Vira’s BBQ is a small family take-out, located at Davenport Road and Uxbridge Avenue – in the heart of the Portuguese village in Toronto. It was founded in 2016 by Vira Bandura, a Ukrainian chef, who learned traditional Portuguese cuisine in Portugal, by the Atlantic ocean in Porto. This is why every dish on Vira’s BBQ menu carries authentic taste of Portugal.

The idea of such place originated a long time ago, when Donna Vira fell in love with Portuguese kitchen. She dedicated herself to learning the complex combinations of original Portuguese ingredients that combine into a unique bouquet of flavors and aromas.

After moving to Canada 8 years ago, Dona Vira worked in a variety of local Portuguese restaurants and cafes, gathering the experience and knowledge of Portuguese food industry business in Canada. This, along with additional 7 years of experience in many restaurants in Portugal allowed her to open a new kind of a take-out facility in Toronto, which delivers true, bona fide tastes of Portuguese cuisine to Canadians.

In her kitchen, Dona Vira incorporates only those ingredients and spices that she thinks truly bring out savory flavors of her dishes. That’s why they always smell so good! And they taste even better!!!

Come visit Vira’s BBQ and discover the true taste of Portugal in Toronto!

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